From Somr’s funeral straight to the book launch. Jan Kačer boasted an adorable family

Actor Jan Kačer (86) was torn. First, he mourned his great friend Josef Somro (†88) in the crematorium in Škanica, where he had to be brought in a wheelchair, then he hurried to the center of Prague for the launch of his book. There he was already changed, his family lifted his spirits.

At the actor’s funeral Josef Somr his elderly colleague could not be absent Jan Kacer. He came to pay his respects to his friend and bring a flower to the coffin. They only had to bring him to the crematorium in Strašnice in a wheelchair, because he has been having problems walking for a long time.

When he said his last goodbye to Somr, he immediately hurried to the center of Prague to the Lávka club, where he had arranged to launch his book. There he ranted so much that no one would have guessed that he had just returned from the funeral of a beloved friend.

This was mainly due to his family, who came to support the actor on his big day. His daughters and their children could not be missing. He even boasted about his great-grandchildren and smiled in all directions next to his descendants.

He forgot about his health problems, had fun and enjoyed being with not only his family but also his friends. A friend came to support him Eliška Balzerováwho also came straight from the funeral from Strašnice.

Guests come to say goodbye to Josef Somre (†88) in Prague’s Strašnice: Jan Kačer is also present.

His daughters came to support Jan Kačer at the launch of his book.

The festive event infused Kačer with new blood. He was no longer the infirm grandfather from the last farewell, but suddenly he became an entertainer with a smile on his face.

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