Fraternal animosity? You don’t get married with a beard, the actor Pavel Batk knew

Would there be strained relationships in actor families? Express spoke with actor Pavlo Bak (47) during rehearsals for the play Occupation, and it seemed that he did not like to talk to his brother Peter (50). He even admitted that they don’t get along. What happened?

Actor Pavel Batk is in one round. If not, try a new play in the Theater without bars. The only ones he doesn’t want to neglect are his four children.

To old brother Peter pr and nem He didn’t even see his new film Cirkus Maximum, which had its premiere recently.

I didn’t see him, my work is good, said the sternly sympathetic actor.

It was clear that he did not like to talk about his siblings. As if there was something wrong between them. Don’t even get married in private.

Pavel Batk rehearses the play Occupation in the Theater without bars.

We don’t have time added jet string.

Perhaps it is really just the amount of work that Pavel has, and there are no family disagreements behind it.

How do you prepare for Christmas? Did you buy the clothes from me?

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