Forecaster – about the weather at the weekend. “Paper”

In St. Petersburg, the weather is determined by a cyclone in the center over northern Scandinavia, writes leading specialist of the Phobos Center Mikhail Leus.

According to Leus, the air temperature in St. Petersburg will be from +10 to +12 degrees, in the Leningrad region from +8 to +13 degrees, southwest wind of 3-8 meters per second. “Along the southern periphery of the cyclone, warm and humid air masses will continue to flow to St. Petersburg, making the weather cloudy and causing light rain,” adds Leus.

On Saturday, the forecaster continues, the heat wave will peak and the temperature will rise to +12 degrees, rain is also expected. According to forecast Federal State Budgetary Institution “North-Western Department for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring”, on Saturday the wind will increase in the city, and on Sunday the temperature will rise only to +6 degrees.

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