Following Nyusha: Gluk’oZa told how her views on treason have changed

In the past, the singer has already had to deal with treason.

Despite the fact that it was a youthful relationship, Gluk’oZa (Natalya Ionova) decided to immediately break off all contacts.

But over time, she changed her views on adultery. The artist has been married to businessman Alexander Chistyakov for 16 years. She is no longer sure that she would sacrifice absolutely everything in case of infidelity. Unlike just a relationship, marriage always has something to lose.

Glucose and family
Photo: Glucose and family social networks.

“You live with him, sleep, eat. This is your body, your arm, your leg, Ionova noted.

Now Natalia is convinced that any problems in the family are solved with the help of a confidential conversation. To resolve the conflict, you can also connect a family psychologist for consultations. To this conclusion, she was helped to come by a look at other relationships from the outside.

Recall that earlier singer Nyusha voiced her attitude to adultery. She spoke frankly about the difficult period with her husband, businessman Igor Sivov.

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