First, Danue Nerudov: Slip and bake bread, the lady wants to be close at hand

If Danui Nerud’s presidential election were successful, life would not only be turned upside down. Manel Robert would have to get used to the reality, which cannot be pleasant to a man, that is, to be close to his wife, to adapt to him as well as to take care of the running of the household, which the president would understandably not have time for.

Who is the candidate for the first man and the first gentleman of the eska?

The name Robert Neruda is now well-known in the legal profession. He used to be the vice chairman of the antimonopoly division, today he holds a high position in the renowned lawyer company HAVEL & PARTNERS. So on to some kolkhoz.

How would he bite the obligations of becoming the other’s wife and serving his country as his first? Neruda over night signs of whether his ego will suffer at my hands.

We have supported each other throughout our professional lives, and I did not see you as the deputy chairman of the anti-monopoly association, Dan, as my friend. The idea that Dana will be the president, even if I am close, is sympathetic to me mainly from the point of view that I can on earth help find such a woman for the highest position in the state, said Neruda to the server before the ace.

Danue Nerudov with manel Robert

At home, he doesn’t even at first look at women’s laundry, he knows how to bake bread, bake and enjoy luxury. But he dodged the question of whether he would take on the role of the first male ace following the example of a walker, whose main theme was charity work.

I would do whatever Dana and Stt asked of me, so I would accompany them to an official event where the partner’s presence is important. Otherwise, I would continue to devote myself to my law practice and first consulting, explains Neruda.

Danue Nerudov with manel Robert

They are trying to keep their men in the present, i.e. during the presidential election campaigns. This is how Nerudov is close, he constantly shared two places and twenty-five walls.

The election of the President of the Czech Republic is held on January 13 and 14, 2023, and the second round will take place on January 27 and 28.

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