Filip Ren: I don’t want my daughter to be an actor. Today there are countless of them in endless series

The famous director Filip Ren (57) gets embarrassed when he talks about his little daughter Sofia. The girl gave him only joy, even the appearance and inclination to perform in front of the camera, but he still wouldn’t be happy if she was in the movies of other actresses. As someone who sees into the background of show business, he would wish that his offspring would go in a different direction. For?

Reisr Philip Ren she went to support her friend Richard Bergman for his book for children. Although this book is written for children, he did not take his daughter to a social event. His wife was looking for his daughter at home Marie (35).

When you talk about the barber, you can tell how much he cares about her. There he saw signs of exhibitionism, which would be suitable for her future career as an actress. Filip doesn’t even want to hear about it.

Rda se pedvd, twist, zpv, tan, je asn. But I probably wouldn’t be happy if she became an actress, Ren told Expres.

Although he has been dealing with women from show business all his life, he has made many of them the stars of his films, but first, see behind the scenes and see how many of them turn out.

Filip Ren supported his friend Richard Bergman on the corner of his book for children.

It’s such a messy business. Only a small percentage of actresses really break through and become stars. Vtina of them will wake you up and take all the roles. Many of them take place in endless series, Ren added.

But he won’t bother Sofia with it. When she decides to stand in front of the camera one day, she will do it, but she will warn her in advance.

Filip Ren showed his purebred family.

You can tell how satisfied he is with life in Reiser, he’s a bit sloppy, but he’s not as withdrawn as he was in the past, and he has one joke after another.

He is currently working on a horror mini-series for Prima blovo rogalo, which Bergman wrote first, only as a children’s book.

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