Filip Grznr: I was afraid of Bejro, if we would both kill ourselves there. I know who will be a good survivor

Organization Clash of the Stars, which specializes in the rescue of influencers and celebrities, acquired her Aunt Galaveer at the end of June. The highlight of the tournament was a fight according to the rules of Thai boxing between old rivals Filip Grzner and Aleem Bejr. The two controversial YouTubers have been feuding for years. Bejr behaved as if he had lost his senses at the press conference and was escorted out by security several times. The day before going out, he even attacked Grznr and caused a thorn wound under his eye.

Grznr dominated the closely watched battle, which resembled a bar brawl rather than Thaiboxing. The former bodybuilder knocked out Bejra in the first round. He broke his nose with a hard knee, the YouTuber from Pardubice was unable to fight. Filip celebrated his great victory over his rival for several days.

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