Fenin defended Tom Chorho: They beat me to the bone! VAR ruined, the decisions are for what

On Saturday, the biggest football match took place. the defending champion from Pilsen did not stand up against Sparta Prague and lost 0:1. It was Michal Blek’s first ever loss this season. What is not surprising about the growth of Brian Priske’s party, however, was the leader of the house, Tom Chorho, in the streets and on the social walls.

A hard step on the saving stopper Sørensen during the match was evaluated by the video decision (VAR), but in the end the tall player did not receive a red card and finished the save, which greatly angered the Czech public.

Tom Chor hit the sparanskho stopper with his head in the ela. he didn’t get a red card, even when the stepman examined the video decision in detail.

Chorus? That was not to be expected! Intensity like a caress from dtte

While many were calling for an additional penalty, there was a thud from Teplice and a bang from Slavia Martin Fenin Chorho rzn defended himself.

And don’t get mad at me, but this is not a red card these days. I don’t want football to be wrestling or rugby, but that kind of fight is a pain in the ass. Prost pushed him out of the way. It wasn’t a day of great intensity, it didn’t hurt him and couldn’t hurt him. It was like a caress from dtte. If he had broken your nose in Peruen, that’s clear, but they were both on the move. I can’t blame VAR for this at all. Other athletes always have to laugh at us, he said to Fenin, who has the feeling that the footballer has lost his footing in recent years.

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