Fell and died: the founder of “Tender May” Sergei Kuznetsov passed away

The composer and author of the hits “Tender May” died on November 7th.

Sergei Kuznetsov outlived his pupil and friend Yuri Shatunov by only 4 months. The composer died at the age of 58 at his home in Orenburg. According to preliminary information, the cause of death was a heart attack. Sergei Kuznetsov has a blood clot.

According to our source, who knows Sergey Kuznetsov closely, the founder of the legendary group “Tender May” passed away instantly. “He fell and died. I think he didn’t even understand what happened,” our interlocutor said.

According to Sergei Kuznetsov’s assistant, Rinat Misyautov, the musician’s body was discovered by his mother, Valentina Alekseevna. At the time of his death, the composer was working on a computer at home.

More recently, on November 5, Sergey Kuznetsov took part in a small concert and did not complain about his health. Although, in recent years he suffered from a serious illness.

The funeral of Sergei Kuznetsov will be held in Orenburg on November 13. Farewell will take place at Montazhnikov Street, 29B, from 10 am to 3 pm local time.

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