Fear your own people, be angry with Tomio Okamura’s government. The farm is surrounded by a mobile fence

The suicide of a forty-seven-year-old man in front of Strakova Academy mobilized opponents of the government. You have been going there to light candles since last week, intend to continue until November 17th, during which anti-government protests are in full swing. The government’s security guards leave nothing to chance, the entrance to the building is surrounded by a mobile barricade.

The first conflict led to the place of suicide not far from the fateful day.

Several government officials around the controversial activist Ladislav Vrbel were drinking to light a candle there, but the plainclothes policeman did not like it, and he announced that he would have the place destroyed within an hour.

The next day, more people were drinking, who idealized the slow suicide as a modern-day Palach, some of them announced that they were going to light candles on the bridge until November 17.

I’d better be careful though. The main entrance is surrounded by a mobile fence and a policeman is looking for it, to which some politicians also reacted.

The first is before the government of Petr Fiala in Prague. It is a week after the suicide of a desperate forty-seven-year-old senior citizen, and at the place of the tragedy there is only a memorial of flowers and candles. And there are riots around hell, because Violet’s rule is the fight of her own disgruntled defenders, rpl f SPD Tomio Okamura at social meetings.

Although the town has been preserved, the public cannot get to Strakovec. In the first days, there were also dozens of people, according to the activist Vrbel, there were even hundreds of them.

Opponents of the government are preparing a demonstration for November 17th, they promise to leave together from Vclavek and before the Czech television station.

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