Fear of pregnancy and loss of appetite for sex: Top model Petov spoke about menopause

Krishna top model Daniela Petov she definitely doesn’t look her age. That’s why many people would think that I have to deal with pibwaj years. She didn’t bother with the biological clock either. She herself is dealing with the issue of menopause and would like this darkness to not be a taboo like it has been until now.

What else should a person talk about, not what he first saw, because the darkness knows it. It seems to me that it is under the darkness that is tabooed. Honestly, if we have this test, it will affect each of us and I don’t take it as something negative. I know it happens to me because when I turn, I go. The stage of life I’m in is nothing to be ashamed of, and maybe it will help other people too, mn Daniel.

She was even quite specific when she admitted that she thought she was pregnant, not because she was drinking, but at the age of forty-five she was going through menopause.

At first I thought I was pregnant. It scared me because I really didn’t have a fourth child, and besides, I was old. It didn’t occur to me that it could be menopause. It was ok enough for me the model declared on the Big Questions podcast.

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In the end, however, she was relieved when she saw what was happening to his body. Even though she wasn’t ready for it, she didn’t want to go against the grain and use the extra hormones that made her sick.

But what surprised her unpleasantly was her loss of appetite for sex. Never with an intimate life with Pavol Habera (60) didn’t have a problem, and you.


The aspect that must have surprised me the most is the drop in libido. I didn’t expect it to happen overnight. And that hell was full of most of those different signs, said the fifty-one-year-old model.

At first, the youngest member of the Paul Henry family sweated about menopause, because he never had a younger sibling.

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