Fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev praised the style of Ekaterina Andreeva

The TV presenter is known for looking much younger than her age at 56. Outstanding is not only the appearance of Andreeva, but also her style of clothing, said a fashion critic.

First of all, Vasilyev noted the excellent condition of her skin and face. While Ekaterina is on the screen, her clothing style is always strict and restrained. At the same time, in everyday life, the TV star is known for her atypical wardrobe. It includes youth, even rebellious outfits, sports-style suits and jeans, Alexander emphasized.

“And that’s all a plus. Maybe she’s tired of prim elegance.” expert suggested.

Separately, the critic noted the predilection of the leading things from famous brands. This is also confirmed by the personal stylist Vasilyeva. For example, Ekaterina donated a solid amount of shoes from popular companies to Vasiliev’s personal collection.

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