Fan j ilkov and dal VIP pivvaj: Nerudov’s duty to dal, he does not want mandatory shackles

We are moving inexorably towards a discussion about the mandatory age limit for determining the age of the group and the acceptance that covid-19 will not be excluded. If we understand this and adapt to reality, then we will minimize social and economic codes, she wrote Danue Nerudov on Twitter last year at the end of April, when she replied to Miroslav Kalouska.

After more than a year, I’m not so sure. Tko ct when she decided to change. The only thing that is certain is that it is mandatory window frame against covid-19 and vote very carefully. Someone point out the fact that I am in favor, and point out that if she insists on mandatory vaccination, we cannot count on their vote in the upcoming presidential elections.

I am a supporter of voluntary barriers against covid-19. If there is another vaccine, the chainsaw is decided by one of the other variants of the fight against the infectious disease, including the positive impact on the economy, up-to-date answers to questions about vaccines against covid-19.

While one day of vacation costs up to one hundred crowns, a day in the intensive care unit costs up to ten thousand crowns. Not to mention the economic and social costs of lockdown and similar measures, Dovv Nerudov, who surely realizes very early on how he is bound to be shackled in the dark. Clinging to him even after a year, when covid-19 lost her, she could be enough of a voice that would come in handy in the fight for the Castle, and she will go against anyone.

Veronika Ilkov goes to Danua Nerudová.

Pibv i voli and supporter from ad celebrities. Not only Veronika Ilkov took her side, who dedicated several psvvk to her on her Instagram, but also actors, for example Chantal Poullain and Lenka Krobotov.

Thumbs up said the star of the Dejvick Theater after the presidential candidate announced that she had submitted a respectable 82,628 signatures to the Castle.

So you just: And it will work! asked the moderator John Muster, who knows what to do, of course. And it’s good when people see who they’re rooting for.

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