Family like from a magazine: Divine Ivanka in a white dress, brother Donald and husband in well-fitting suits

A family cut out of a fashion magazine. It turned out that Ivanka Trump (40) did not fly to Prague to receive the state award for her late mother alone. Her brother Donald junior also arrived and the mother of three was joined by her husband Jared. They went to the center of Prague dressed as if they were going to a fashion show.

Daughter Ivan Trump Ivanka made no secret of the fact that she can’t wait to arrive in the Czech capital and receive a state award from President Miloš Zeman for her mother, who died this year after falling down the stairs.

But she didn’t fly alone. Her brother accompanies her in the Czech Republic Donald Trump Jr and her husband, Jared, who is battling cancer. But he still didn’t want to leave his wife alone and wants to enjoy the great glory at Prague Castle by her side.

And it is already clear who will be her greatest decoration. After leaving a luxurious hotel in the center of Prague, Ivanka set out in a beautiful white dress, in which her sexy curves stood out, the light shade giving her blonde hair and porcelain skin even more sex appeal.

Her male escort was not far behind. Donald chose a great fitting suit, which certainly didn’t cost a few crowns, but looks like it was cut exactly for his figure.

Ivanka Trump finally arrived with her brother Donald Trump Jr.

Ivanka Trump eventually arrived with her brother Donald Trump Jr. and her husband.

Ivanka’s partner was not left behind either. He also chose a beautiful suit in which he would certainly not embarrass his wife. They just look like a family from a magazine.

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