eznk: I’m not going to Slavko, the idiot will win anyway. I would only castrate Mike fully

He picked up his weight and finally declared that it was the bottom, he was bleeding. Then the former rapper revealed to Expres that if he didn’t get a long sentence, he would have to pull out his penis and give it to the moderators and the audience.

This year there will be a nightingale for a late night. The author of several hits such as The girl in my basement or Linka dvry refused the invitation.

I got the invitation, but I’m not going there. I mean, I said what was necessary, and if I showed up there this year, I would have dropped those words anyway. I don’t care for that kind of company and I won’t decide to watch it, otherwise the idiot will win again, explained the Express representative.

Nov, who leton ronk eskho slavka pod, with thanks said that there are many things at work.

Good evening, thank you for the invitation. I would really like to arrive, but I have another program for this date, I will be staring at the wall at home. Regards, eznk, stand in the SMS sent by the production department.

eznk with a sexy model and park Grundza on the beautiful Slavko

The popular rapper and director of the film Prty Hrd and Prty Hrder: Summer Massacre didn’t even want to watch Slavek on TV and won’t vote at all on the day of the polls.

I wanted to vote for the band Hrozen Buzen, but I found out that the artist is not listed at all. And then I even found out that such a band doesn’t exist at all and it’s actually designated for the whole of Czech pop music, so no one will get my vote this year, to be fair, clarified eznk.

Martin Pohl alias eznk

We also asked him about his opinion of the singer and actor Adam Mik, who will undoubtedly appear at the Czech night, but lately he has been talked about mainly because of his role in the film Banger from a rapper’s environment, which is close to the actor.

I saw Banger, even if at first glance the premise and the cast of the film look like crap, it’s surprisingly quite a good film and Adam Mik has improved his reputation a bit. Of course he won’t escape castration, but let’s leave him with at least one testicle and one hundred vas deferens, concluded eznk.

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