Ears, eyes, botox: What all did Petr Kotvald have modified by a plastic surgeon?

Singer Petr Kotvald (63) is one of the few people from show business who has admitted to aesthetic modifications. He is not afraid to talk about why he ended up in the hands of a plastic surgeon. It’s just that the fans are afraid that it will still be him and not look very feminine. What did he go through?

Singer Peter Kotvald he was one of the idols in the 80s who broke the hearts of female fans while they waited. But even he could not stop the ravages of time, so he decided to undergo aesthetic modifications. He wanted to slow down the aging process.

Years ago, he underwent his first plastic surgery, that of his ears. He was ashamed of his protruding ankles, so he had them sewn up. He was said to have been bullied because of it.

“I’ve had children laugh at me since I was a child,” confided Petr, who had his first plastic surgery at the age of thirty. And he didn’t stop there.

In order to stop aging as much as possible, he is not afraid to admit to other aesthetic treatments at the hands of experts at the famous Prague clinic.

Singer Petr Kotvald is not afraid to talk about aesthetic modifications.

Popular duo Standa Hložek and Petr Kotvald at the beginning of their careers

It is said that it was a modification of the upper eyelids and that he should receive regular botox to “escape” the wrinkles as much as possible.

It is true that for many years he looks like he has preserved himself and does not age at all. It’s also good for him that he’s not afraid to admit it like other celebrities who would rather die than say they’ve had plastic surgery.

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