Duster vs Agáta: Who is the better parent? Kuba’s comment upset people, they took it into their own hands

“For the first time in Slavia. And lastly on my Instagram. Long live Slavia and Mia Prachařová. Goal,” wrote the actor Jakub Prachar under a photo with his daughter Mia, whom he took to soccer. This was enough to cause an avalanche on social media.

The caption alone had fans debating what Kuba meant by it. Many think that he was alluding to the fact that his ex Agáta Hanychová constantly exposes her children on Instagram, but he guards his privacy and practically does not show off photos with his daughter. And so the attacks on Agatha began.

But while some attacked Agáta, saying that Jakub is a super dad and that it’s good that children don’t bet on nets like on a treadmill, others defended the model and took a dig at Jakub, saying that he shouldn’t kick his child’s mother.

“I’m not a fan of anything. Let everyone have it at home as they want. I just have to poke Agatha. I have seen several videos of how he approaches the little one and how he teaches her to help. She is incredibly clever and can do a lot from her mother. I think she would pocket a lot of kids her age.” but one of her fans defended the model.

Some detractors even went so far as to ask Kuby why he didn’t take Kryšpin, whom he said he used to take with him, to football. Agáta also said in the past that Kryšpína is not marrying Jakub, but it is hard to say how it is now.

In any case, Jakub also took his partner Sara Sandeva to Slavia and immediately showed off a photo with her.

“So my beloved girl left the romantic evening to me. And she also took a scarf. 22 te Sakam. Long live Slavia and Sara Sandeva,” wrote Jakub enthusiastically under the picture with his love.

It is not surprising that the actor shows pictures of his private life sporadically, the wave of hate fell on him quite unnecessarily.

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