Drama at the disco in Sluovice: Halloween turned into a fight for life, 5 people died in hospital

At the discotheque in Sluovice in Zlnsko, a huge drama took place at night, and it ended in a great tragedy. Eight people were injured at the Halloween party, five of whom are still in hospital with minor injuries. How did the whole drama come about? The police have arrested a criminal woman for abusing her clothes on her health.

The celebration of the Day of the Dead turned into a drama, during which five people were injured during a stampede at the entrance, two of whom died in the intensive care unit of the children’s ward.

The age limit for sufferers varies from 15 to 20 years, which was confirmed by the TK of the Zdravotnick protection services of Zlnskho region, Jakub Omelka.

The dangerous situation arose because people were sweating profusely at the disco. They couldn’t get in or out, it was full of young people. Panic arose among them and several of them were injured.

The incident is being investigated by a criminal investigator. They burned the horses of a criminal woman on suspicion of having committed a criminal act, but she was injured due to negligence. In the event, Vinko was sentenced to imprisonment for the following years, said police officer Monika Kozumplkov.

Five people were injured at the disco.

Some minors who were transported to the hospital were found to have mild alcohol intoxication.

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