Dominika Myslivc’s widowed sister right on the TV screen. She is marrying his roommate

This time, even a star guest will not be missing in the program Day as a Dream. Silly influencer Dominika Myslivcov in it he will marry his young sister Natalia for the fifth time. Dominika posted the first photos from her bachelorette party on social media in August of this year. It was held on a luxury yacht in Prague and a stripper had to entertain the ladies.

That time, the influencer spent the evening at the Kozika company, from where some of her first joint photos with her partner Zdek Ch. Will he be bitten too? During the parting, they washed their hands, sushi and refreshments were taken care of, the girls celebrated in their swimsuits.

Although Natlie is young, he has quite a long way to go before Doma. She managed to have children with her husband before marriage. Nabz is wondering if the sestina veselka doesn’t inspire a bald influencer to get involved in it as well. Dominika herself will want to have children, but for now this is a darkness for her, just like the wedding, a fear of the future.

Konen drank it. The wedding is fine at first, and when a young sister is married, at least they won’t force me to marry for some time to come, rejoices Dominika.


Natlie met Marek in Ostrava in a bar in Stodoln and during their first meeting together she found out that Marek was Domini’s former partner. It was a love affair right from the moment of arrest. Natalie immediately called her mother to brag that she had found the right one. And life, according to him, is like a dream.

Dominika often shows off photos of her nephews on Instagram, where she shows them dressed in the most luxurious brands. The sisters have a close relationship, when it was decided who would be Natlka’s witness, the choice was completely clear.

I know a lot, who should know it like that. I’ll take care of everything. Anything for a sister added Myslivcov.

Dominika Myslivcov

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