Dominika Myslivc’s advice on how to do business: Handbags are the best investment. I bought a Birkin for a million

One of the most famous Czech influencers Dominika Myslivcov caused a huge uproar when she announced on social media that she had bought a legendary Hermès handbag, specifically an exclusive Birkin model. Only the richest can afford such a taka! The Birkinek is only produced in a limited number of pieces.

I waited for her for about a year and a half. About a week ago, he sent me an e-mail saying that he had a good start for me. To be honest, I didn’t even expect that ada would get to me. Some of my friends at the birkinka, even with a dog for years, Dominika revealed to Expresa.

The price of birkins ranges from about two hundred thousand crowns to several hundred million crowns. The price is influenced by the type of leather the handbag is made of, the wearability of the color, the size of the handbag and the clasp. You can’t go to the store like that, you have to order.

I made the purchase in such a way that I specified several colors, including this Birkin bag, which is made in return, to that, Dominika described to him. These models stand out because they have round corners and an overall design.

Zdenk didn’t shower the influencer with such a luxurious treat, as many would have expected. She bought the expensive tank with her own pension. She drove to Pask Street to pick her up.

Super luxurious taka is at home.

They carried a purse there in gloves. Dominika calmly tried on the handbag in front of the mirror and assessed how it was good in color and size. In this way, expensive accessories are insured as a valuable investment, their price gradually increases and they can be sold for a much higher price than what they were bought for.

Dominika Myslivcov bought a Birkin. Just.

I bought it for a price in the hundreds of thousands, but I would like to sell it to him for a million crowns. In my opinion, it is one of the best investments added Dominika, satisfied.

Hunters like luxury handbags, even brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Dior or Chanel. She said to herself that she likes to spend the most on handbags, and the most on watches.

Dominika Myslivcov

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