Dmitry Tarasov: I want to raise my son as a man

The famous football player admitted that he had been waiting for the heir for a long time, and he takes the upbringing of his son very seriously.

Behind the scenes of the North Show, Dmitry Tarasov answered the questions of the readers of Russian TV Week, telling how he raises three children and what his father once taught him. According to the football player, he can forgive his daughters for any whim and a completely non-strict dad for babies. But he is not going to spoil his ten-month-old son. The main thing for a man is discipline, Tarasov believes. And this should be taught from early childhood.

“I was waiting for the heir. Dad, who, unfortunately, is no longer alive, wanted to continue our family name. And, thanks to my wife, I waited. But I immediately realized that love for my son is a little different. I want to raise him as a man, the way they raised me. To be disciplined and responsible from a very young age.” admitted Dmitry Tarasov in an interview with Elena Sever.

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