DJ Grove wrote the music for the Russian cartoon “Chink: a tailed detective”

The film is released in theaters on November 17th.

The famous Russian musician DJ Groove created the music for the children’s animated film “Chink: the Tailed Detective”. For the star of the electronic scene, this is the first experience of creating a soundtrack for cartoon. The musician recorded more than a hundred tracks, where he experimented not only with electronic sound, but also with recording live instruments – guitar, saxophone, violin.

DJ Groove

“It was important for me to match the mood of the film, to emphasize moments associated with joy, sadness, dynamic chase or comedic elements, — noted DJ Groove, — The main task was to make the music bright, but at the same time, so that it does not distract from the plot narrative. This project brings together a variety of genres, and I wanted to convey this feature through sound through multi-instrumentalism and multi-stylism.

Film frame

“Chink: The Tailed Detective” is a story filled with adventure, humor, and detective intrigue about a resident of a fairy-tale country called Honey Valley – the squirrel Chink. According to the plot, an unlucky character becomes a participant in mysterious events related to the theft of an important artifact – the Golden Hive. To unravel the mysterious chain of events, the hero will be helped by his friends – a wise owl-detective named Sophie, an ingenuous friend – a teddy bear Phil, an energetic raccoon Nick, a funny squirrel Lucy and many others.

Film frame

In addition to the unusual musical accompaniment, the star cast will also become a feature of the picture. The characters of the animated film were voiced by popular artists Jan Tsapnik, Evelina Bledans Alexander Oleshko, Boris Smolkin and Miroslava Karpovich, as well as the famous blogger Mikhail Kshishtovsky and dubbing actor Ivan Chaban.

The feature film is the result of a partnership between the Soyuzmultfilm film studio and Magic Factory.

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