Dirt rolls on Kočendová and David. Everyone is waiting to see what Natálka will do after her return

Love Island has ended for David, who was branded a crook by fans. He had a girlfriend at home, which he managed to hide both from the production and from the audience or his partner Natalia Kočendová, with whom he fought for the win. But the girl he denied during the show spoke to the public. Her feelings of flirting with Kočendová could no longer last.

Only single people can register for the show, so people had to vote on whether they wanted to keep David in the villa or whether he would face an uncompromising elimination. No one believed in his love for Natka anymore, so the blond, who looked like a favorite from the beginning, went home. Neither he nor his girlfriend Rebeka will see anything from the win.

His partner Natálie Kočendová was then given a choice, she could either leave the villa together with David or wait to see if a new competitor would appear to take her on. Misska decided to leave with a smile, she didn’t even shed a tear.

But this may have a completely different reason than the fact that she believed in David’s love. After all, other speculations began to spread through the ether. The editors of were contacted by an acquaintance of one of the former participants of Love Island.

“Natalia receives a hundred thousand a month from Nova to compensate for expenses and participation in Love Island,” he told us. We immediately contacted TV Nova with a request for a statement. We have not yet contacted Natália Kočendová because, according to available information, she does not have access to a mobile phone during filming.

“Hello, we will not comment on the details of individual participants’ contracts,” they told us from Nova.

Rebeka is a charming brunette.

In addition, Kočendová was supposed to break up with her fiance Laky Royal at the same time that the casting for Love Island was taking place. According to Expres, the first castings for the villa took place in May this year, the last in August. This means that Natália would have to start thinking about participating a month after the breakup, or even a month before the breakup.

“Natálie Kočendová went through the standard casting process,” creative producer Samuel Jaško then told us.

The question remains whether Natálie will return to Laky after returning from the villa. Maybe she will try to make love with the unfaithful David, or she will remain alone and look for happiness in other waters. We will probably see that only after Natálka returns.

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