Dina Nemtsova revealed the identity of her second husband

In the summer of 2020, the girl got married for the first time. Then her childhood friend Dmitry Matevosov became her chosen one. The wedding took place on Rublyovka, two months later the sacrament of the wedding took place. But six months later, the couple broke up.

Dina Nemtsova
Photo: Dina Nemtsova social networks

Last spring, Dina announced that she was living alone. Since then, she began to tell subscribers less about her personal life. But some time ago, Nemtsova announced that she was dating a young man.

After a while, the guy moved to the status of the groom. And most recently, the daughter of a politician solemnly announced on social networks that she remarried.

In a personal blog, Dina published a joint picture with her husband, and talked a little about him. The young man’s name is Cyril, and he works as a programmer. Nemtsova noticed that now they are engaged in a joint project. Subscribers immediately congratulated her on her marriage.

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