Did you buy Instagram followers? Test yourself, maybe it will be revealed!

If you’ve bought followers on Instagram, you can start tapping. Close profiles and delete followers on social media. I lose hundreds and more fans in one night. There was a panic because many users couldn’t even get to their site and were afraid that Instagram had uncompromisingly deleted it or that someone had attacked it.

Press users could not get to the truth, the company Instagram finally announced that it was a bug that was in one. So, according to the official, most of the followers were to be released only for a moment, and half of the people got their access to the back, and even the followers were shaking.

It is speculated that Instagram regularly purges so-called ghost accounts, i.e. inactive ones. The former often buy influencers who want to gain more fans and look more famous.

If Instagram were to delete these, the influencers would be drinking for the money that these fake followers shared. The hard reality would surface right away, i.e. the fact that they are not famous at all, just pretend.

In the comments, the user gives advice on what to do, tries to ask you to take a two-phase oven or add more photos and change your profile picture to prove to the algorithm that their job is real. But who knows if it has any real effect on the situation.

Instagram removed people’s followers, vc is in een.

A big shock happened to you in the winter of 2014, when Instagram announced that it was irreversibly deleting spammers. Millions of profiles had to be deleted, and people began to push for fans in a really big way. This did not escape even celebrities.

Rapper Akon even lost more than a thousand followers, Justin Bieber had, according to available information, about ten and a half million followers.

Instagram has to fight against fake teams for a long time, so buying them is not the smartest thing to do. For buying fake followers, some profiles can even be punished with full deletion or written sanctions such as a shadowban, when your tweets will remain hidden from others and you will not receive likes. However, Instagram did not confirm this.

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