Demonstrators pay for Vrbel’s execution. A million and a quarter on Vclavk was taken by an insolvent agent

Vrbel has been in insolvency for a year and a half, but has not paid off some debts for twenty years. His followers sent money for the day of the demonstration to the manelka Bojana, the activist encouraged them to pick up the pieces, because the initiative with the pension is not there yet.

So he reassured them that their pensions are safe here at Manelin and that they will actually join the demonstrations. He was just mistaken, the insolvent agent got to his mistress. And as a result, the host blocked a million and a quarter crowns on it.

At the time, Ladislav Vrbel’s detractors were enjoying having his supporter, an ardent admirer of Russia, pay off his debts. He tried to turn the whole situation in his favor, was guilty of trying to suppress the anti-government demonstration, and even published the personal data of the insolvency administrator, including the telephone number, calling on his followers to cover him first.

The insolvent trustee received a contract of property division, the bank received it without registering it in the public register. My debts are mine, not mine. People were sent pensions to eat, not to ia. So my insolvency was not supposed to be related to these pensions at all. The people were sent pensions to run demonstrations, not as a gift. the money sent was not a gift to private individuals, but a paid contribution associated with an organized demonstration. If the lady had used them for my insolvency, she would have gone to jail. If she used them for her needs, she would go to jail. The only thing that could bind them is the costs associated with the demonstrations. And she did. Where is the problem? that the demonstrations were and are against totalitarian governments, wrote Vrbel.

Activist and organizer of anti-government demonstrations Ladislav Vrbel

His situation is confusing. Last year, a twenty-seven-year-old activist was executed, and he had not paid a debt for twenty years. In the discussion under his release, he stated, among other things, that the insolvency administrator took pensions from pensioners who otherwise have deep pockets. In fact, I’m an idiot who hasn’t paid social security for twenty years, which is used to pay my pension.

Vrbel filed for bankruptcy against himself, stating that he will use at least half of his property and income to repay the debt. However, the Seznam Prprvy server discovered that he had sold his motorcycle and bought a new one with his pension, or that he was offering land for sale on the Internet for two million crowns.

The situation surrounding the model Bojana is also complicated. Although she applied for unemployment benefits a few months ago, she is currently the owner of three companies, and in one of them she employed her as a real estate agent, paying him twenty thousand crowns plus commission.

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