Dark fantasy fans have been waiting for the continuation of the saga “Nomen nescio. Name unknown”

TV presenter and producer Yana Churikova considers Olesya Proglyadova’s saga worthy of a film adaptation, comparing it with The Witcher.

The novelty will continue the saga of the controversial heroine Alia Dingir, who is looking for herself and continues to fight for her future in a changing world where danger reigns, and the heroes are led not only by vampire bloodlust, but also by the lust for power. The debut book of the Nomen nescio series. Name unknown” received an excellent reception in the reader’s environment.

book action Nomen Sanguinis. Name of blood” takes place in a parallel world that surprises with geographical and political metamorphoses. Aliya Dingir is on the run again, and her opponents and allies are playing their own games, where it is almost impossible to win and even survive. Heroes who have entered into a fatal confrontation will need to look deep into time to find the root cause of what is happening. A dangerous adventure lies ahead that could cost them their lives.

The book speaks to the reader on different levels – both fantasy fans, lovers of ancient history, the history of the Middle Ages, and readers who are simply passionate about action-packed literature will find something interesting in it. This is history, mythology, real events that are intricately woven into a fantasy world. Almost every name has a meaning, and many of the characters were prominent people of their time – now perhaps forgotten, but incredibly interesting.

Cover of the new saga

“Nomen Sanguinis. Name of blood” skillfully combines elements of “dark fantasy” with its insidious intrigues, dangerous tasks, bloody fights and love intricacies with plot twists uncharacteristic for the genre, subtle humor and topical satire. The text is striking in the frankness, freedom and audacity of the characters, and therefore it will certainly be appreciated by fans of True Blood and Game of Thrones.

Olesya Proglyadova, author of the book: “I was flattered by the reviews for the first book, Nomen nescio. Name unknown.” Moreover, often from a sophisticated audience, which rarely gives flattering assessments. This became an incentive to finish the second part faster. Its publication today turned out to be possible only in electronic form, however, I hope this will not prevent those who were waiting for the continuation to read a new chapter in the history of Aliya Dingir. In the book, I intertwined the fictional world and real people and events, and I hope you will like the woven story readers.”

Book available to purchase via the link.

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