Danae Prigozhina reported problems with her son’s christening

In August of this year, the eldest daughter of a music producer first became a mother. Together with her husband Eugene, she gave her son the name Daniel. The parents planned to baptize the baby, but difficulties arose with the sacrament.

Danae Prigogine
Photo: Danae Prigozhina social networks.

The baptism of the child had to be postponed. It turned out that at the very last moment the priest contacted Danae and canceled the event.

“The priest calls with the words, can you find another? I will not baptize,” she said.

The young mother did not expect the plans to be canceled and was very upset about what had happened. She promised to tell later how the situation developed.

Earlier, Prigozhina said that she had practically no time to communicate with subscribers on social networks. A month after giving birth, she returned to work, and in order to have time to take care of her son, she works the night shift.

The girl noted that due to the tight combined schedule, she gets very tired and practically does not find free time.

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