Dana Brov told Vox TV: Paroubka’s minister will have her own agenda

A new television is about to develop in the waters of the Internet, it is called Vox TV and follows the YouTube channel of the same name by Petra Kubelka. He promises twenty orders for the arrest, which will stir up the savage’s diaphragm, dig into the taboo darkness, and they will definitely not pay attention to political correctness. One of them will be some minister of informatics, Dana Brov.

First, Petr Kubelk introduced the 55-year-old hottie as the leader of darkness and the host of one of the several programs that Vox TV offers to viewers.

Dana Brov’s story is extraordinarily interesting. Just before the revolution, she started studying journalism, worked as an editor for Slovakian and Czech television.

I have a varied CV thanks to my work for the Estonian chairman of TOP 09, Karel Schwarzenberg, for whom I was the economic editor of Sprva majekt.

The most important thing in Dana Brov’s career is the post of Minister of Informatics. It was stopped in 2005 and 2006 during the government of Jiho Paroubek.

Ji Paroubek, Dana Brov

Brov is a well-known entrepreneur and investor. In those years, she was even a member of the jury in the D-day program on Czech television, where start-ups went to present their projects and tried to convince one out of five investors, including n, to invest money and pensions in them.

Dana Brov withdrew for a few years, now with her own program at Vox TV, with which Petr Kubelk has ambitions to compete with Stream and

Some Minister of Informatics Dana Brov

We will know the details soon, Brov also covered the festive gala at the start of television in the Trezor club. She lived in a dream, it suited her well, and it can be seen that she keeps herself in shape. The rest, like one of the girls, refused a drink.

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