Dan Krejk victim of a homophobic stream: a woman bought tricks to tell me I’m in hell!

In his first book, Dan Krejk describes the whole Oceanic adventure, i.e. how he and his partner Matje drank the wine and the stories of it. He described one of them to us in the first part of the interview. He added that the book is now a bestseller, which makes him uncomfortable.

But we also asked the likeable actor about her change of heart from Bratislava, where just a few days after the murder of two gay men, she was playing theater.

Matj Stropnick, Daniel Krejk

It is still an unbearable weight for me. As you said, a goose was chasing me. We played in Bratislava on the day when the last farewell with those guys took place there. The play is called Who Killed My Father and is about homophobia. About a boy born to a father who doesn’t fully accept him. The hunter of the side suffers Krejk explains.

When I tried the game a year ago, I thought to myself: Yes, is it going to interest anyone today? I guess it’s because we live in a different social bubble, I feel like there are a lot of different genders around me, I’m completely tolerant, and everyone can do what they want. But yes, it is dark. When we played in Slovakia, it was introduced and the first time we played in front of an audience in which some people screamed loudly, he added.

Matj Stropnick honored the book of partner Daniel Krejek.

She talks openly about her relationship with her partner Matje Stropnicki, and even starred in the reality show Vmna manelek. We were interested in whether they, too, ever experienced a homophobic flow.

I have a rather intense experience from the Chomutov theater, where I played for a long time, what happened in Slovakia. I went to hunt on my own. After the introduction of Vechny bjen, the thing in which I play, a man, about fourteen years old, was behind me. She told me that she had brought me a letter, he was happy to be introduced, but she replied: No, I just want to tell you that what you are doing with that Matje is against God, Daniel first.

Even on the first page of the book.

a woman caught him, according to him the situation was quite bizarre. But it didn’t end there.

J to: Please? And Mr. K: And I would like to tell you that entities like yours should not engage in public productions. It felt so inappropriate to me, given what happened. So I pointed him to the entrance with my hand and said: Please, sir, I think that if he knew us, he would be pleased with us, and you leave. The man grabbed my hand, it was like something from a horror movie, like: I liked you, but you’re going to hell! described the actor, he was surprised that a woman bought a ticket to the first row because of him.

The entire interview with Daniel Krejko is in the water line.

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