Dan Krejek’s book is a bestseller: Honor goes to jail, we need half a million for kitchens!

Daniel Krejk honored his book in the Werichov villa, not far from Malostranskho nmst. Friends and colleagues from the theater arrived there, partner Matje’s sister Frantika Stropnick even performed on stage.

The talented actor is happy, but his book has practically only positive reviews. And finally, it can also be found on bookstore shelves.

We are a bestseller, that’s great. And at msc! I am very happy about it, neither am I, and I think we didn’t expect this from the publishers either. Its fine, a satisfied Dan revealed to him.

We also asked him what he was going to do with honor for such a bestseller!

If it were up to me, I’d pay for a maid for a month, buy a lot of macaroons, lie down somewhere on the couch and that’s it! Only we will cut the kitchens and the honorarium, it’s not exactly millions. We had the original furnace there, but today we were told that the furnace could not be put in the second foot, which we did not know, so we filled it there. I think half the honor goes to her, he said with a laugh.

And as anyone can imagine, such a furnace is not a cheap affair.

Jet won’t take it, but I think it will be around half a million crowns. You always stand quite a lot on the ground, Dan said.

Matj Stropnick honored the book of partner Daniel Krejek.

He also spoke about how he and his partner managed the estate in addition to the acting profession and work around the new daughter.

Let’s make it so that Matj is at home, he takes care of it and invites all repairs. I go to work, to the theater and to dubbing, because I enjoy it, he clarified.

Matj Stropnick, Daniel Krejk

According to Daniel, which story from the book is the funniest? Do you want to go with Matje on a romance in Změk? Watch the whole interview on the link!

The second interview about the current situation around the LGBT community, an emotional theater performance in Bratislava, where two gays were killed, and Dan’s horrible speech with a homophobic flow will soon be on!

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