Daisy Lee wanted to buy a new car. But her friend robbed her of 580,000

Porn actress Karolna Urbanov, known as Daisy Lee, has an unfortunate analogy. This time she drank about half a million. As for going to the mountains, a former friend from Tasovo should have prepared her for her pension. Although Daisy Lee is still falling for the police, she has fallen into depression and doesn’t tell anyone.

Daisy Lee’s pension is regrettable because she wanted to use it to buy a new car. She was looking forward to it, she wanted to buy it at the end of the summer. In total, she read 580 thousand, she also showed off her friends. And at first it took its toll on him. Among them should have been a friend he used to visit today, whom he refers to as Mr. Pavlek.

I thought I wanted a BMW and I really fell for it. It was the only thing in my life that I looked forward to and it motivated me. But suddenly she started drinking and had to admit that I was drinking for my pension. They were literally thrown out the window and since then I don’t want to buy dal, wrote Daisy Lee on Instagram.

Because of the situation, she got into a state of absolute exhaustion and fell into a great depression, which she suffered from, but they tried to control her.

Since the time of krdee nev people. What he did after all the others who drank into my life, challenged me, was the last straw. I know that he will suffer greatly and regret that he was ever born, she added.

Daisy Lee was robbed of 580 thousand

The whole case of Urbanov went to the police, gave them the evidence and explained it to them. According to n, Pavlek bought a car with his pension. On Instagram, she then shared screenshots from a conversation with his former friend and common thief, who at first threatened her and claimed that Daisy Lee had given him the pension.

This is not the first contact with the police for the porn actress. In the past, they had a lot of trouble with the law. During the pandemic, she broke the quarantine and a few years ago she was taken as a wife by a man under the influence of drugs. I also had a problem with misinformation about the wolf in Ukraine.

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