Daisy Lee collected likes with snacks on the dorms. Irresponsible, agree people

Karolna Urbanov aka Daisy Lee (25) can’t rest. This time she let herself be filmed walking around the halls. The danger of games is nothing new to her, the porn actress goes through her whole life like a mountain dog. Not long ago, she announced that she was going to Ukraine to buy hair extensions there. Daisy had an abortion not too long ago, but later found out that it was already summer.

Porn actress Daisy Lee he risks a lot for likes on social media. This time, she let herself be filmed in a light spot, in which she worked erotically on the train tracks. On those, she stretched gracefully, asked what she was doing and didn’t stop poking her ass at the camera during the walk.

Such women are not exactly role models for young people, on the other hand, many would expect a porn actress to be a moral role model for people. There’s been a lot of talk about Daisy lately in connection with what she’s been up to.

Not long ago, you ordered a ringless vest, then again there was fake news about the fact that only those bombs fell in Kyiv during the whole time of the wolves. In addition, she was rumored to be going to Ukraine to buy long hair. Go there to get a cheap one. She then claimed to her fans that people can manipulate time.

Daisy Lee had an abortion not too long ago, which she also lied about because of her wild lifestyle. She released a new film for adults in Poland.

Daisy Lee

I want to talk about it, I’m really just stupid At the time, she was talking about the baby with the fact that she had no idea that she would be able to conceive me at all.

After taking a step, Daisy finally admitted that she regretted the abortion and was depressed.

Her life is like a roller coaster, running along the rails, which many influencers praise as the height of irresponsibility, so Daisy is like a drop in the bucket. But it only describes his irresponsible lifestyle. It’s not enough, not to hope that Karolna is not being followed by anyone who would take the risk of being run over by a train.

Daisy Lee rocked it in the dorms.

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