Czech transgender model Pea Nitka: Secret wedding in Dubai with a Pakistani celebrity!

She was born like him and had her sex changed years ago. Since then, Pea Nitka (28) claims that he has a new life. Now, the first Czech transgender model has found the love of her life. She confirmed to Express that she recently married Pakistani celebrity and tiktoker Haris Khan in Dubai. We didn’t want to publicize it too much, but it’s great, Pea let herself be heard, revealing the details of their relationship.

First, that she is a transgender model Pea Nitka she secretly married Pakistani tiktoker Haris Khan in Dubai, an informant who did not wish to be named revealed to Express.

She married a Muslim influencer from Pakistan, his name is Haris Khan and he is famous on TikTok, informed n source.

The information of Express was later confirmed by Pea herself, who admitted to him that the couple planned to keep their big day secret from the public as long as possible.

We didn’t want to reveal it too much, but it probably won’t work otherwise. It’s true, we got married about a month ago. The wedding took place in Dubai, where I have been living for about 8 months and my husband and I met here and we live here now. He’s Pakistani and he’s cool Pea Nitka boasted.


The fact that he is a Muslim is not a problem for Peu. We respect each other, I don’t force my past on him and he doesn’t force Islam on me. the obviously in love model smiled.

As for the accidental founding of the family, Pea doesn’t really see it there yet.

Children? I won’t be able to get pregnant yet, and I’m not planning to transplant the placenta like Jessica Alves. I guess not She was called Pea, who had her gender reassigned in 2018.

According to Peti Nitka, there are only two genders.

The new husband of the fifth Haris Khan is very active on the social network TikTok, where he is followed by 116 thousand followers. His videos have 1.5 million likes. Haris does not present himself in his profile as an actor and model. He is a big fan of fast cars and football.

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