Cryptozoologists and crypto scientists are essentially the same – media

Cryptozoologists trying to spot Bigfoot, Chupacabra and Nessie have a lot in common with cryptocurrency fans, noticed edition of The Verge.

After talking with representatives of both camps, the media concluded that both “believers” in bigfoot and bitcoin fans are often sure that the right combination of certain conditions is simply necessary to achieve their great goal. If there is enough money, we can prove the existence of the legendary hominid. If you correctly calculate the mechanisms for accepting payments, bitcoin will work better. At the same time, both cryptocurrencies and cryptozoologists think the same thing about each other – “they are hunting for fiction.”

However, attempts have also been recorded to harness a crypt (cryptocurrency) and cryptids (characters of modern mythology) into one team. So, the director of an extreme tourism company, Stephen T. Major, launched a cryptocurrency called Cryptid Coin to fund research related to bigfoot. Those who buy cryptocoins will be able to join an expedition to capture a humanoid creature or participate in the filming of documentaries about it.

The plan calls for five million enthusiasts to purchase Cryptid Coin at a price of $100 each. At the time of publication, 19 people have bought cryptodocoins.

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