cranberries, milk mushrooms and cabbage. “Paper”

Photo: “Paper”

Most often white and black milk mushrooms, as well as other varieties of these mushrooms are found in deciduous forests, including in the Leningrad region. In October, the mushroom season ends – usually these mushrooms are harvested in Russia from late July to late September, says Animals concept chef Alexander Pimenov.

At the same time, in late autumn, those who wish can purchase freshly harvested salted and pickled milk mushrooms – for example, the Animals team buys pickled mushrooms from a gatherer from Seliger on the advice of former Anna’s Secret Garden chef Victoria Mosina.

Pickled and salted mushrooms can also be bought at the markets: there are departments with pickles, for example, at the Vasileostrovsky, Moscow and Dolgoozerny markets. In addition, ready-made mushrooms are sold in many supermarkets: canned mushrooms can be found there throughout the year, although they are usually not as tasty as salted and pickled mushrooms from private collectors. You can also find mushrooms on classifieds portalsalthough you should be careful when buying from strangers.

Alexander Pimenov advises Petersburgers to buy mushrooms from regular sellers who can advise you on the best products or give you a price reduction. “In addition, pickled products are stored for a long time – buying a lot of mushrooms at once, you can save money,” he notes.

How much it costs: 750 ₽ for 0.5 kilograms of ready-made milk mushrooms on Avito

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