Constructor Danue Nerudov: Ji Hlavenka was with Zelench, but he also got rich on carbon footprints

spn businessman seems to be getting ahead of himself in who will support the candidacy of Danua Nerudov with that gift. The first player to break the presidential campaign record was Pavel Melk, who built a franchise of the traditional British brand Hamleys in Prague.

My entire company is run by women, so we wanted to support a female candidate. It’s a trend in the world he told about his reasons for doing so.

Two million for Nerudova with five weeks and months could not be an exceptional amount. Not long ago, the gastronomy entrepreneur Pavel Faiereisl, who fought with the government of Andrej Babie during the Covid-19 period to close restaurants, also sent them to you.

He did not like it, for example, that he personally addressed the Minister of Trade and Industry, Karel Havlek, and he replied that he should take pensions from the employees’ salaries.

Veronika Ilkov goes to Danua Nerudová.

The current record was set only a few days ago. That’s when Danua Nerudova was immediately supported by five million crowns by the co-founder of the Teta drugstore and one of the richest men, Martin Moravec.

Veer I got a son. They will send a homeland with a future where the president will be a democrat. After twenty years of ruin, there is hope that brings sunshine together, he pointed to the transparent here.

God of Pirt

One of the very first billionaires to whom Nerudov promised great support in the election campaign was Ji Hlavenka. It happened at the end of last year, the couple immediately agreed on a date, but they didn’t want to reveal it.

Hlavenko’s name is interesting not only in business, but also politically. He is a representative of the South Moravian region for the Pirts party, so he has supported it financially over the past years, sending a total of 971 thousand crowns to him.

Although it is a representative and a hard sponsor, on Pirt’s website Hlavenka has only an inconspicuous medallion without his own photo.


Ji Hlavenka is close to liberal parties. He is second in the South Moravian parliament, in the previous election he was a candidate of the Green Party. He financially supported this move, according to Hldae, he sent a total of 115,000 crowns. Another 20 thousand was sent by the STAN movement.

It is interesting that even though he was kicking for Zelen, the entrepreneur made a living in the field of copper and IT, among other things, in the aviation industry. He invested in the ticket sales portal, he also helped to spread carbon throughout Europe thanks to cheap plane tickets, he spoke about ecology and go green in discussions on social media.

I think that we would deserve a good hunt to be held at the Castle after the almost twenty years of shame. So it would be nice to have a woman there. And Danue Nerudov would make a really good president in every way, in the past, Hlavenka was heard for the E15 server.

The presidential elections are held on January 13 and 14, 2023, and their second round on January 27 and 28.

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