Composer Vyacheslav Malezhik spoke about native Muscovites

The singer, poet and composer compared native Muscovites with visitors. According to him, many guests of the capital draw the wrong conclusions about the inhabitants of Moscow, often comparing them with visiting migrants.

Malezhik is convinced that Muscovites are a more intelligent public, who do not tend to climb ahead of the queue, and also be rude to people. He also stressed that the indigenous inhabitants of Moscow will always ask for forgiveness even for what they did not do and “will never start climbing on their heads, like a visiting creature who calls himself a Muscovite.”

Vyacheslav Malezhik, photo VKontakte

The composer also remembered his childhood years. He noted that Muscovites, especially women, have always been able to dress beautifully even in the absence of fashionable clothing stores.

“For example, my mother sewed not only my sister and me, but also a bunch of friends,” admitted Malezhik.

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