Cognitive Pilot became the first supplier of AI autopilots for agricultural machinery certified in the Russian Federation

Subsidiary Sberbank and Cognitive Technologies, Cognitive Pilot, received a conclusion from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade on confirmation of production in the Russian Federation and is included in the register of Russian radio-electronic products; is the first certified supplier of autopilots in the market of “smart” agricultural machinery, informs company on Wednesday.

Cognitive Pilot products will make it possible to replace foreign companies producing autopilots for tractors and combines that left the market in March 2022, the report says.

The company notes that by the beginning of 2022, the number of installations in Russia of foreign parallel driving systems based on satellite navigation, such as Trimble, TopCon, AgLeader and others, amounted to about 150 thousand. The Cognitive Agro Pilot system has been installed in more than 500 domestic agricultural enterprises in 30 regions of the country.

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Unlike “blind” foreign systems using satellite navigation, the Russian system Cognitive Agro Pilot “analyzes” the situation on the spot and uses the processed data to control the combine.

On his page on VKontakte, the CEO of Cognitive Pilot notes the need for prompt organization of state support for farmers to install systems and replace foreign ones. This will ensure “the security issues of Russian agricultural enterprises and the preservation of information about the movement of equipment and the geopositioning and relief of rural areas within Russia during the acute period of mobilization of all the forces of the country.”

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