Clave Koke was first proposed to marry

A popular blogger made Clave Koke a marriage proposal, and claims that everything is serious.

Klava Koka didn’t have time to write that she was “waiting for an invitation to“ Let’s Get Married ”, when she immediately posted a photo with a ring and wrote that she“ was made an offer for the first time in her life! And it’s not a joke”.

Klava Koka and Artur Kislovsky

Exactly the same ring was posted a couple of hours before by blogger Artur Kislovsky with the caption “very exciting.” Is there really going to be a new couple soon?

On the set of the popular show “Mask. Dancing” on the STS channel, Klava did not reveal the secret of whether she accepted the offer or not. But in the evening, Arthur posted a story with the same caption “Today I made an offer for the first time! It was very exciting.”

“It seems to me that the wedding with Klava Koka is something incredibly large-scale, beautiful and magical, just like her ball, which she is preparing for December 4th. I know she set the bar high. It’s better to regret what you did than to regret what you didn’t do. Guys, do bold things, because this is what real men do – they take everything into their own hands, ” Kislovsky told Russian TV Week.

By the way, Klava said she would think about it. True, the blogger jokes that he didn’t leave her a chance to refuse: “After all, on the flash drive that I gave her, all the heroes of Mask.Dancing really are revealed,” Arthur laughs.

Kislovsky admits that Klava Koka inspires him and he is ready to become the prince who will accompany her to the “Magic Ball of Klava Koka”: “Now I am ready to give her bouquets and make surprises every day!”- Arthur Kislovsky commented on the situation.

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