Clash of the Stars fans squared off with Rika: The stands were calling Karlos’ name!

There is currently no more famous adult film actress in the Czech Republic. Hana Džurbanová alias Rika Fane has been filling the front pages since her romance with MMA fighter Karlos Vémola broke out, after which she herself adds fuel to the fire by publishing peppery details or even voice messages that Karlos sent her. The Clash of the Stars promoters made clever use of the case, who made her one of the central characters of the supporting program of Saturday’s gala evening. But in front of a full Královka hall, Rika got into a very embarrassing situation.

The third Clash of the Stars was a very successful show, the matches of influencers even attracted several times more attention than the parallel gala evening of the ambitious and mainly professional organization RFA.

But it wasn’t just live in the Octagon. The main star of the stands and backstage was supposed to be the porn actress Rika Fane, who walked around the hall in a glittering dress and sat among the VIP guests in the first rows.

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People were turning around Rice, pointing at her, some wanting to take pictures. But when she took the microphone as one of the main guests, the packed hall let her know what they thought about the ongoing media affair.

“Karlos Vémola!” began chanting en masse in the stands and stood up for the fighter, who continues to deny the relationship with Rika, claiming that this is a campaign before the upcoming match with Patrik Kincle.

In addition, a wave of other unflattering shouts poured down on the porn actress. At random, for example “show me”.

Who knows, maybe Rika at the gala evening of the organization that invaded the Czech Republic with controversial matches of influencers and other stars was no accident. But if we see her in the octagon next time, it’s probably clear which pro will definitely not be preparing her for the match.

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