Children, please don’t send me pensions! Kajumi countered the fans’ criticism

TikTok is full of livestreams where creators ask their followers for money. On social networks, this darkness resonates every day, and watching streamers call them modern-day eberkas. Adam Kajumi also liked the broadcast so much that he decided to turn around and explain to his followers how things really are with them.

Kajumi is undoubtedly one of the most talked about Czech influencers. Some viewers criticize his work, which is often aimed at a young audience. Even because of this, a new video was created in which he asks his fans not to send him their pension.

Today I would like to address one thing that is quite annoying to me. Recently, there have been conflicting opinions about the TikTok livestream, so I would like to go out and give my perspective on it, uvd new video Kajumi. dajn ho cel situation u del trp for a long time, because he is streaming on the rd platform.

Even broadcasts on TikTok are essentially the only way creators can monetize their content there. Brawl with fans there, play games, or duel with other influencers. On streams, viewers can send financial gifts to their favorites.

It works simply, with his money, the fan buys a lot of virtual money, and for it, he gets paid by the guy who creates the field. Send me, for example, rivers, ducks or lions. Each of them expresses a different value. Start at tens of crowns, change the lion but stand around ten thousand crowns.

But often, influencers ask their fans for hugs and tease them to send them as many as possible. The concept of duels on livestreams is basically just a last ditch effort. The two streamers are fighting over which one the fans will give more attention to. Whoever gets vc wins.

This is why livestreams are similarly criticized so much. Many social media users think that similar content is only watched by children, who then print crowns for their favorite adults, even if they are not financially literate.

also posted as online busking

But now Kajumi decided to deal with the whole situation. He also started posting so he could chat with new people. He claims that he didn’t have a boyfriend in the past and streaming was the only way to meet someone he could get along with. I take it as no one from any problems, a non-emerging relief, a way to relax or to meet someone who has the same interests, hard Kayumi. He realizes that it’s not fun for everyone, but he and his fans love livestreams.

For that reason, it’s a shame how many negative reactions to the darkness I’ve posted. According to him, the decision is more than a modern ebrot. I would compare it to online busking, where creators have fun watching themselves and if they decide they like the content, they decide to support the creator. All similar platforms like Patreon or herohero work on this principle, think

The platforms that Kajumi offers operate on a subscription basis. For, in many cases, a small fee, fans can support their favorite creators and thus gain access to bonus content for a fee. In many similar cases, you can use podcasts. Then, for example, sell your content to your supporters, answer their questions or issue bonus articles.

The taker pays his favorite creators for their work and as, hard Kayumi. Think that the refusal of a creator on TikTok is exactly the same situation as those who place their content behind a payment gateway. This is how the cel creators economy works, think

At the same time, he tries to twist the view of critics who think that streamers send pensions to 50 children. He claims that 73 percent of TikTok users in Estonia are over eighteen years old. Young users of social networks are not allowed to send pensions to creators. I check who sent me support and have to pay attention to the fact that there are practically no children among my supporters, hard

Obtn regulation

If you are children, please don’t send me pensions, please buy ice cream, vipers on the ground It must be added that it is not difficult for users of social media to avoid damage, age is not affected in any way. Negative reactions immediately began to multiply under the video. Watching me think that he has a childish fandom.

Come on Adam. It is possible that you found out this statistic somewhere from the above sources, but you must understand that most TikTok users do not reveal their real age. In my circle of people, 95 percent of TikTok users are under the age of fifteen, pe one of the fans. Vtina agrees that his words nev. Just think that age doesn’t matter because it’s simply not possible.

Criticize practically everything you see in Kajumi. Not long ago, influencer Lada Horov, known as Laduka, or tiktoker Kvtk, was associated with similar content. But they are not the only ones whose posts and followers are starting to get bored. Just realize that it is not easy to regulate the situation.

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