Champion Kozma as a Clash of the Stars fan: If he pays well, you might see me here one day

Can influencer matches under the Clash of the Stars banner be considered a regular sporting event? Many professionals have a clear opinion, according to them, it is a bizarre thing that has nothing to do with real MMA. However, one of the most famous, the king of the Octagon’s welterweight division, David Kozma, who has not missed a single gala so far, sees it differently. “I like it, it’s fun and makes the preparation, which is hard, and it’s always round,” described the popular champion in an interview with and did not deny that we will also see him in Clash of the Stars in the future. “When I’m retired and they offer me super money, I’m not against it. I like to make money. Maybe expect some kind of pillow fight, maybe with Koles,” he added amusedly. In addition, Kozma described how it was and wasn’t with the preparation of the well-known security guard Jaroslav Kotlar or how he himself is preparing for the title fight with the Brazilian Kaik Brit, for whom he will, among other things, train in the famous gym of Conor McGregor.

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