Brožová is single again: Perhaps not for long, I need love and I love men, she admitted

After breaking up with the media magnate, moderator Jaromír Soukup (53), it seemed that Kateřina Brožová (53) was enjoying the life of a single lady, but the opposite was true. Unfortunately, even a secret relationship did not work out for the actress, so she is free again. “I’m single again, but I hope for a long time,” she admitted to the daily Blesk.

“There was someone in my life, but he’s gone. I am currently single, but hopefully not for long. I need love and I like to be in male company. That’s also why I’m here at the event of the Italian embassy, ​​where there are a lot of handsome men,” she stated Kateřina Brožová for Blesk at a tasting of Italian wines in Prague’s Žofín.

There, in all honesty, she was guarded by the well-known chef Emanuele Ridi, whom the actress always likes to see. However, both of them cannot praise the delicious juice from the Apennine Peninsula and the adjacent islands.

In connection with the new man in Brožová’s life, there was speculation about Prince Jiří Lobkowicz, with whom the actress has a working relationship. Some time ago, according to the website, she posted a photo on Instagram where she is dressed as Queen Eliška and Prince Lobkowitz was posing next to her.

Apparently, this was only part of the promotion of the popular performance Night on Karlštejn. In addition, she preferred to delete the photo not long after.

At a tasting of Italian wines in Žofín, Kateřina Brožová met Emanuel Ridi.

“I admit, I’m disobedient. I always wanted to do my job. I just wanted to live my life. A person who is not from the industry and starts living with an actress may have completely different ideas,” she revealed Brožová in Jan Kraus Show the cause of the collapse of her relationship with media magnate Jaromír Soukup, who is currently dating Agáta Hanychová.

But the well-known actress and presenter need not be sad after the breakup. She will certainly not stay alone for long, and even if she likes castles, as evidenced by a recent snapshot from Dobříš, she certainly does not insist that her new lover necessarily have a castle, fortress or castle…

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