Bohdalov’s son was played by Roden: In Vnonm pbhu also Kaiser with Lbus

I admit that when the Czech TV approached me saying that they would like a foreign film, I was a little hesitant. It’s just that I’m not the classic lover of the night, I don’t kill carp and I also like a tree in summer, Irena Pavlskov, who is signed under the name Vnon pbh, revealed on the press release of Czech TV.

In addition to the engaging game, which takes place on a hard day, it is very busy. This is especially important in this case!

Zaz in nm Jiina Bohdalov and Karel Roden, who played his son. But that is far from everything, because of the offer Oldich Kaiser and Ji Lbus, Pavel K, Vclav Neuil, Jana Plodkov, Sara Sandeva, Anna Fialov or you Pavla Beretov and Vladimr Polvka. The icing on the cake is the angam of the French actor Pierre Richard.

It was a very good idea to situate the film within one day, and a tough one at that. Bohdalov praises himself.

A whole host of female actors, including Karel Roden, played in the film Vnon pbh.

M interested scn. Often I don’t even know what Christmas is like, and someone has to remind me, remarked the Kaiser with humor to himself.

Irena first approached Olda, and then he called me that he liked it very much, so I finally agreed. So we ate and ate and got down to it, added Lbus.

In the film Vnon pbh, a whole host of actors played together with Jiina Bohdalová and Karl Roden.

I’m so happy for Christmas. I have my own ritual on the day of the holiday, when I start the day with cocoa, smell, and sleep. Otherwise, I’m always glad when something or someone breaks the old stereotype associated with that day. And it’s a song in that movie, and it’s a lot of fun for me, Plodkov, who will be Park Hynek Ermk in the film, let herself be heard.

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