Blogger-millionaire LerChek celebrated her anniversary in the company of Kirkorov and Meladze

Invited celebrities walked heartily at the pompous masquerade ball of a mother of many children and an Internet star.

Valeria Chekalina, known as LerChek on the Web, threw a luxurious party in honor of her thirtieth birthday. Secular chroniclers are sure that the blogger paid a tidy sum for the holiday. However, some of the costs paid off – the first piece of a grandiose cake made by confectioners to order in honor of the birthday girl was sold for 1.7 million rubles!

LerChek, social media photo

About the star guests of the carnival, the conversation is completely separate. What is worth only the appearance on the stage of the king of pop Philip Kirkorov himself. However, he was not the only one who won the audience’s applause that evening. So, Valery Meladze appeared at the party, who allegedly left the big show business, but not from his “private sector”. The artist was almost torn apart by enthusiastic guests. By the way, that evening another “missing” singer appeared on the stage – Artem Umrikhin from the duet Artik & Asti. At all musical events of recent times, the new soloist of the group Sevil takes the stage in the city of loneliness. And at LerChek’s birthday party, the duet performed in full force.

The outfits in which, according to the dress code, the guests appeared, became one of the most discussed in the secular party. Blogger Daria Bunaeva’s hat-plate with fruit on her head and Lena Sazhina, chained in gold chains, deserve special attention. However, LerChek herself in the mandzhent feathers, as it should be, the birthday girl, eclipsed everyone.

LerChek, social media photo

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