Bkyn Kristiina Mki had a lot to say about the Olympics: Sport and children can’t be combined!

The most beautiful Czech woman Kristiina Mki (31) could easily raise the dispute and make a peaceful living as a model, but she has other ambitions, and there she will be decorated with the medal Athlete of the Year, for sportswomen with Finnish skin, the priority is always sports, gold medals and a small son . How do you manage raising a child and a professional career as an athlete? Why didn’t you go to the wedding with a bird?

Bkyn Kristina Mki he decided not to be shy, he drank dressed as Princess Kolobka at the end of the survey, so he actually showed it off and his partner and father of Kaap’s son Filip Sasnek sought his love.

The athlete, whose father is Fina, is used to attention and likes it best when she is on the slopes of the track, where she can be herself. She also demonstrated how to move easily to her beloved disciple before the Olympics in Beijing.

Just seven months after giving birth, she went to the most beautiful place and fought like a lioness. How did MMA last so long without a son?

It was tough and I was sad, but we managed to deal with it. I was quite surprised how my body reacted, which quickly got into shape, she spoke to Expres at the Sazka Olympic all-around event, where she encouraged children to play sports.

Bkyn Kristiina Mki tried Olympic wrestling.

She put her hands on the Olympics, which should be in Pai. Although he admits that combining motherhood and professional sports, when his partner is such an athlete, is sometimes quite difficult.

There are two of us with the dog Filip, so we’ll have time to plan. But it goes without saying that we have to fulfill it and everything has to be based on our schedule. Anyway, how is it going? added Kristiina.

Kristiina presented a perfect figure at the annual Athlete of the Year poll.

Kristiina Mki with her son

But she didn’t go to the wedding. They are talking about a second child, who would probably want the boy not to become an individual.

What would this sexy bkyn like to go to? Find out in our video interview.

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