Beglov announced the completion of mobilization in St. Petersburg. “Paper”

On Wednesday, November 2, St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov announced that “partial mobilization” in the city had been completed.

“In accordance with the instructions of the General Staff, the military registration and enlistment offices have stopped all activities related to the conscription of citizens who are in the reserve. The preparation and delivery of subpoenas have also been stopped,” wrote Beglov in the telegram channel.

The governor of St. Petersburg thanked everyone who was called up during the “partial mobilization”: “Do not worry about those who were left at home. We will take care of your loved ones. We will find an individual approach for each family with its needs. Good luck guys! We are proud of you and look forward to the Victory!

What you need to know. The completion of the "partial mobilization" was officially announced on 28 October. However, November 1st "Paper" received evidence that the mobilization in St. Petersburg continued. Readhow Petersburgers received summons for mobilization after the announcement of its "completion".

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