Before the New Year, there was a shortage of bourbon and other foreign alcohol in Russia, market participants say

Two months before the New Year holidays, participants in the Russian alcohol market record a shortage of many foreign drinks.RBC”. What drinks will not be in stores and what will replace them? Here are the main theses of the material.

  • In strong alcohol, the commodity stocks of importers in many categories have practically run out. The problem concerns rum, gin, French cognac and whiskey – American bourbons have practically disappeared from Russia due to sanctions. Not enough tequila: its shortage is now felt all over the world due to crop failure agaves.
  • In addition, many well-known champagne producers have left the market. Deliveries to Russia continue only recolants – small French farms. “There will be champagne, but much less than before. It will need to be looked for in wineries, small restaurants, but not in large chains, ”RBC’s interlocutors said.
  • Faced with increased demand, importers are increasing their purchases, but there is still a shortage of many drinks on the market. “We barely have time to deliver, when within a couple of days the goods go to quotas and leave for customers,” says Dmitry Isachenkov, development director at Ladoga.
  • Most scarce drinks have foreign analogues: for example, small Scottish producers can supply whiskey to Russia, cognacs are produced in Georgia, and champagne can be replaced creamsSpanish Cava and Italian Prosecco.
  • There are also Russian analogues of many alcoholic beverages. Thus, representatives of the Luding Group have noticed an expansion in the supply of Russian gins, and Ladoga Group is talking about an increase in sales of Russian whiskey.

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