At St Petersburg University, a teacher was suspended from work. “Paper”

The administration of St Petersburg University suspended the teacher from work at the university because he “exerts an unlawful influence” on students. it should from the report on the rector’s meeting of October 31.

The day before, students of the Institute of Philosophy applied to the ethical commission of the university and complained about the behavior of the teacher of the English department. According to them, during classes and in correspondence, he “allowed himself to make dirty jokes” with sexual overtones that offended female students.

A copy of the students’ appeal and screenshots of their correspondence with the teacher published in a student group on VKontakte. As follows from the photographs, the detached teacher objectified the students. For example, he asked them to “show their knees sometimes,” “prepare the softest spot,” and save “beautiful poses for home videos.”

According to the report on the rector’s meeting, the lecturer stopped cooperating with St Petersburg University of his own free will, and Vice-Rector for Security Dmitry Gryaznov turned to law enforcement agencies and asked to check him.

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